Sodus Bay Fishing spring 2022. Kings, browns, bass, perch

Sodus Bay Fishing Spring 2022. Kings, Browns, Bass, Perch

June 7, 2022- Early June means transition time in Sodus bay.  Surface temps are in the low to mid 60s and fish are spread out.  Guys are finding a few kings and steel in deep water, often 200+, on spoons and flasher/fly.  there are a few browns being caught, but not a ton.  They should be in water less than 100 feet, depending on temps.  Expect the fishing to pick back up once the thermocline is set up!  In the bay, the bass bite is great.  Guys did very well on rockbass this year, but that should be winding down now.  They’ll be on weed bed edges this time of year.

May 18, 2022- fishing this spring has been good.  The brown trout bite has been much better along the shore, with both big and small fish being caught when conditions are good.  There has been a decent mid-offshore steelhead/coho/king bite from 150-300 as well.  Expect the browns to start moving a bit deeper soon as surface temps were mid 50s this weekend.

In the bay, the perch bite is slowing, but the rock bass fishing is on fire.  Worms around docks should do the trick.  Guys are catching bass, as well.

Spring 2022

March 17 2022- although there is still plenty of ice on the bay, it is dwindling quickly. I expect to be to be open in the next week or so, if things continue as they have. I would certainly not recommend anything in the realm of icefishing. Once the water is open, perch fishing should be good. Also, brown trout will be along the shoreline soon, and here’s to hoping that there’s more of them this year than last year. Remember, everyone in the small boat needs to wear a life jacket until May, and it is always better to be safe

Sodus Bay Ice Fishing Winter 2021-2022

Sodus Bay Ice Fishing Winter 2021-2022

January 19, 2022- ice season is just kicking off, and there is about 4-5 inches of ice so far.  There is a fair amount of heavy snow on top, so expect some slush and even some uneven areas around the edges.   The extended forecast looks great with very cold weather.  As is always the case with ice fishing, caution is best.  Those guys who have been out have done well on perch and pike.  Please be respectful of parking areas and public access points!  Bad behavior by a few can ruin things for everyone! for up to date information, it is always best to contact the local tackle shops- the bay bridge and davenports on the south end are best.