August 2017

Sept 5- decent king fishing for stagers, which will be anywhere from shore to 100 fow from now on.  Jplugs, mag spoons, and flasher fly will dominate the next few weeks.

August 29- check out this absolute beast taken out of Sodus today, on a meat rig!  39 lbs 3 oz, taken on the why not out of arneys marina!  Congrats guys!

August 27- my boat got out late today (set up at 10:30) and did fair action on mature salmon, but a lot of drops.  We fished mostly 100-120 for stagers, and there was another line of fish in 150-200.  Flasher and fly and mag spoons worked well for us, 90-110 down.  A lot of guys did very well today on the early bite.  I heard meat rigs were good early.  Temp was 50 down 100 to start, but that had moved up to about 85-90 down by 5 pm when we left.  Expect the ne wind to continue to bring the temp up.

August 21- our boat was at oak orchard this week, but I heard from several guys that the kings are starting to stage in Sodus.  Expect them to be near bottom in 80-120 fow.  Mag spoons and flasher fly have been good, and it’s always a good idea to run at least one meat rig.  Also, mag Jplugs can be great this time of year…  there has been a good offshore bite in 400-500, but the smaller fish will probably dominate out there from now on

August 13- decent fishing in 120-140 today for kings- truly a mixed class, but very few 3 year olds.  You are hearing of a few majors here and there, but nothing consistent.  We Did find one major and a big laker today in that same water.  All spoons for us today, mags in green and white seemed best.  I have a buddy who did well in 200-250.  Fishing has generally been good.