Pike Fishing

Pike Fishing in Sodus Bay

Pike can be caught from fall to spring on open water.  A very effective method for catching pike is trolling big spoons (Doctor Spoons, evil eyes, red devils) as well as stick baits along weed-lines near drop offs.  You can also anchor and cast big spoons, spinners and stickbaits along the same areas, near weedlines and drop offs.  Mostly we catch pike in 8-15 FOW.  I do NOT use steel leaders- rarely have I ever been bitten off by a pike!  I think that steel leaders greatly detract from the lure action, and aren’t worth the trouble.

When the ice forms, pike can be taken in 6-20 FOW with tip ups ad big shiners. From shaker heights to thorton point along the south shore are great areas.  Most of the time, I will set up a line of tip ups, then sit and jig towards the deep side of the set for perch.  When the perch stop biting all of the sudden, I know that a predator (pike or walleye) must be near.  Also, I have accidentally caught a pike on my jigging rod, both on a jig itself and a small perch that hit my jig just before he got eaten!

A nice pike through the ice on a pike minnow