July 2017 Sodus Fishing Report

July 2017 Sodus Fishing Report

July 30-  pretty good fishing in Sodus this weekend.  A mix of all year classes of kings and steelhead from 200-250, and from 450-550 for us.  They are straight out, 58-59 w.  All spoons for our boat, mags in glow and black.  Pulling HUGE bait out of the fish we cleaned.    We also caught a power forkie out in the deep, 20lb 9 oz, mixed in suspended with the kings.

July 28- tough week weather wise.  Hearing of very good brown fishing inside of 80 fow, and intermittently good king fishing from 100 all the way out to 500.  This northeast wind today will bring in very cold water on shore- brown fishing should be good in very tight, and you might have to go way off shore to find stable water for the kings.  I’ll be out Sunday and report back after that.
July 21- a good buddy of mine fished 400-500 today and did real well on kings with spoons down 100+.  Gonna try it out tomorrow and will report back!
Sodus pro am 2017-  our boat fished Friday-Sunday.  The word was all about kings, so Friday we started in 100 fow out front on a nw troll.  We pretty much immediately found fish, scattered from 120-240.  we worked out front to 4 miles west.  Temp was high (70 down was 51) but our hits mostly came deeper.  We had a nice box of 2 year old kings, with a steelhead and a brown.  Cutbait on copper and a mag carbon 14 on a rigger caught all of our fish.  We had maybe a upper 60s box for bff, but most of the high placing boats had upper 80s and 90s, so I didn’t bother weighing in.  I felt good about our program as a lot of the boats that did well were working 120-200 just like us.Edit

Saturday brought a whole new game.  It was absolutely miserable, with strong nw wind and big water.  We started off with all the right bites working 160-200… by 7:30 we had had 7 screamers on, but we boated freaking ONE of them.  We had one teen in the net that came out with a big wave, and lost the others due to some strange freak stuff .  We did 2 more small kings, then the bite shut down for us completely at 9 am.  We wouldn’t have another bite for the rest of the day.  Again, we were in good water as some of the better boxes came right around us in 120-220 straight out front.  Some really good scores from both the pros and ams considering how awedul the conditions were!

Sunday was a gorgeous day.  We set down in 120, and trolled around looking for the fish from the last 2 days, but they were gone!  We finally found a bunch of active 1 and 2 year old kings in 270 just east.  We did 8 salmon, but just had no size.  A mag carbon 14 on the 90 rigger was a stud, and took all but 2 of our bites.  I guess the bigger fish came in 500 fow, and I saw boats stretched from Hughes to Sodus in that water.  Again, some really nice scores today.    It was apparent to me that the bigger fish were out deeper this weekend (300-500+)

July 5, 2017- my boat fished in Rochester this last weekend for a tourney, and we had decent action on salmon in 120-200 to the west.  They wanted meat on coppers and small spoons on riggers- temp was 75 down, so 400+ coppers and 80-110 riggers worked.

Sodus was similar in many ways, but I hear the action was a lot better! Temp is deep right now in Sodus, 100+ down for the most part.  Browns are decent on the deeper end of their range (80-100) and kings are spread out deeper, 120 and out.  Small spoons certainly seem to work better than big ones at the moment!