Spring 2018 fishing report

Spring 2018 Fishing Report

April 6 2017- for those brave enough to launch their boat, and when weather permits, the fishing has been good near shore. Our launch date got pushed back to next weekend, with a bunch of nights forecast to be in the mid 20s the next few days.

April 3rd, 2018- the bay and lake are entirely ice free; now we just need warm weather!  Perch are biting, and crappie are being taken at night at the bay bridge.  The big lake fishing for brown trout, for those brave enough to get out, has been good.  Most big boats will go in the water this week and next.  We are hoping to splash this weekend, weather permitting, so hopefully will have more to report soon.  FWIW, there are definitely steelhead and browns in the tribs, and they will be spawning and dropping back over the upcoming month.  Lots to do and Catch right now!

March 26, 2018- The ice on the lake and bay much gone.  Guys with small boats are getting out and catching browns and big boats will start going in the water in the next 1-2 weeks.   Water temp still cold at 34-35 F.  The key for early season browns is finding warm water and color changes.  As I start getting more reports, so will you!  Our boat is ready to splash, just need consistent warm weather!

Perch and crappie fishing are good right now, and should only improve as the water warms.  Bullhead fishing should also really get cranked up with the warm weather this week

According to the DEC, last year was a record salmon fishing year, despite the high water.  And in another bit of good news, we had a record large bait hatch from 2016 (known as YOY in 2017).  With an average hatch from 2017, and good survival of the 2016 year class, we will start to get “out of the woods” with our bait situation.  They will start doing bait trawls the 2nd week of April, and we should have some preliminary data early summer.  Sounds like there is a lot more reason for optimism!

February 28, 21018-

Sorry all, my reports have been absent lately.  Sodus bay had a great fall perch bite, and that continued right into the ice season with good early ice.  With lake Fishing, I can be pretty quick with my updates- however, the bay is small and can get crowded VERY quickly, so out of respect I need to be more careful with my reports in the fall and winter.  Frankly, I didn’t report recently because Sodus Bay was a zoo, and the word was already very clearly out.  With the warm weather of the last few weeks the ice is sketchy, and I don’t suspect many people will be out until we get some good consistent cold again- if we do at all…  Please be smart, and check in with local tackle shops like the bay bridge tackle shop for updated reports.    We are close to the spring now, and that means open water!  I will be updating more frequently when the ice starts to leave- then we are ready for trout, salmon and perch!

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