Summer 2018

July 30- sorry for the lack of posts recently. With the Sodus Pro am, guys are all pretty tight lipped. Fishing was excellent, until tournament day where the wind basically flipped the lake. Guys did well in 40-80 Fishing browns, and we did well in 300-350 on kings. With more stable weather recently, the kings are in about 100-150 and the bite has been excellent. Limits of fish are not at all uncommon. It has been an excellent year so far!!

July 9 2018- same story. The kings are there in 100-150 fow but they bite in bunches then get lock jaw. There are some browns around in 60-80 fow, near the bottom in the cooler water. It’s been mostly a spoon bite. We fished Sunday afternoon and caught both browns and kings- our best bites came on a 400 copper with meat, the rest on 300 coppers and 180-200 dipseys with spoons.

July 5- king Fishing is still great. We went Sunday and it was just fair for us, but was excellent the day before and good the next day. There are ALOT of fish around- our fish finder was as full of Fish as I have seen this time of year. BEWARE though- the water fleas are absolutely terrible, and you will need to clean your lines off every 15-20 minutes…

June 30- salmon fishing had been excellent, 100-200 fow. The water temp is high, about 50 down.

June 22- Fishing has been a bit more hit and miss, after an epic May. This is typical for June. Fishing is great one day and poor the next. Salmon are probably the most consistent game in town, somewhere between 100-250 fow depending on the day. Browns are there near shore (40 fow and less) but not in great numbers yet. I expect both brown Fishing and king Fishing to pick up as we get into July.

The alewife are in spawning and there is crazy amounts of bait from 50-100 fow- this might actually explain the poor Fishing- there is too much of the real thing!