Fall 2018

Oct 1- there are kings being caught off the pier with Cleo’s, and lots in the bay. With the cold weather and rain, I expect that the local tribs will get fired up. The salmon, genesee and oak orchard rivers have had salmon for a few weeks now, and the smaller tribs tend to run a few weeks behind them. All of October should be good for kings, coho and browns, and the steelhead should follow soon after

September 9 2018- after a hard east blow, the lake has flipped, with 46 degree down 25. Despite the ice water, Fishing is decent with staging Kings taking mag glow spoons and meat down 20-40 in 70-90 fow. I think guys did browns near shore as well.

I haven’t been out in a few weeks, but the guys that have been out have done quite well. There are a lot of staging Kings being caught on flasher/fly and spoons, mostly in the 100 fow range give or take 20 feet. Browns are mixed in the shallower water as well. The first batch of stagers should be heading through the piers in the next week or 2, if the cooler weather comes. We will be out this weekend- and will report more then.

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  1. The bigger kings are still hitting meat rigs. The Green board with crush tape and green dots with a Green and glow fly has been working.

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