Tackle- for Fishing Lake Ontario

Trolling Flies:

A-Tom-Mik Trolling Flies–  Tom makes great flies, as well as top of the line copper.  A-Tom-Mik has excellent customer service… and Tom is a great advocate for our lake and fishery.

ITO flies– I’ve had several very nice experiences with this guy.  They also make small coho flies and lake trout rigs, in addition to regular flies


Dreamweaver Lures– Their super slims are probably my favorite small spoon. The finish on their spoons is excellent.  They also make large spoons, paddles, Spin Doctors, and excellent swivels

Michigan Stinger– Based in michigan, they are well known for their trolling spoons.  Their small spoons are vicious brown trout killers.  They also make paddles, swivels, etc.

Hybrid lures– a local guy, nick is magician with paint. His work on both his stock spoons, and the custom work I have had him do, is just amazing!

Northern King Lures- The company was just bought out, but haven’t heard much about them otherwise. NKs are a staple for trout and salmon fishing


As above, Michigan Stinger and Dreamweaver both make excellent paddles, and Dreamweaver also makes the Spin Doctor.  Additionally, Luhr Jensen makes dodgers that are quite effective

Laker rigs:

Gambler Rigs– “Cowbell rigs”- made by a local guy who is very good at catching laker trout.  He knows that they like and makes a great product!  Also check out his facebook page


Please do not cheap out on swivels!  you work too hard getting them on the hook, just to lose them to tackle failure.  Stainless ball bearing swivels like those made by Dreamweaver are a must.