September 2017


Interestingly, the lake fishing for kings and cohos is still very good.  I am hearing that they are spread from shore out to about 90 fow, in typical stager patterns.  I’ve heard of some really really good catches still (10+ matures).  A lot of guys will start to target perch now, and they will be in deeper water for now.


Hearing mixed reports on the lake- some days it is good, others not.  I guess yesterday the bite was great for kings and coho.  Fish will be found from the pier heads to about 80 fow.  You can catch the fish that are starting to run on the pier now, using egg sacks and cleos.  Also, perch fishing is steadily picking up, both in the lake and now in the bay.  That should get progressively better as we progress into October.

Sept 7, 2017- the lake boat season is about to wrap up- stagers are inside of 80 fow, but inconsistent.  Jplugs and large sticks off boards should work on the right day.  There is a good offshore bite 180+ for immature kings  and steelies.  I expect the pier and stream season to ramp up in the next week or so!  Cleos and stickbaits off the pier and egg sacks and skein in the streams will be the best option.  Of note, some of the major tributaries are already seeing a siginifant run of kings and cohos. That should only get better for the next month or so!

  Also, perch are starting to show in the bay, and will fall for any presentation with a minnow at the end of it.