June 2017

June 25- offshore the salmon fishing is hit or miss… 100-200 fow, flashers and meat- one day it is good, others it is slow.  

I did go bass fishing today, because the lake is too rough. We did well north and east of eagle- the bass wanted plastic worms, in chartreuse.  We caught a half dozen in a few hours.  My son got this one!

June 20- as of yesterday, there were still salmon in 100-200 out front and a very good brown bite inside of 40 fow.  Go get em!

June 17-we fished today in the offshore water. We focused mostly between 100 and 200 feet of water straight out front. It was an all king bite- all I meat and all down deep (80-110 down).  There were some guys who went in and fished Browns near short and did pretty well. The weather was just beautiful.

June 8- fishing remains pretty good.  Browns are near shore, when conditions are right- 10-20 fow is a good place to start.  Steelhead and scattered salmon are in 80-200, as is typical this time of year.  Some days are great, other days slow, but overall not too bad.   In the midst of transitioning I think…

May 2017

June 3- good brown fishing in 30 fow and less, if you get out early.  Small stuff seems to be what they want.  There are lakers and steelhead in 70-200, depending on the day.  Salmon still very spotty.  Should get better soon.

May 30- I’m hearing of scattered kings in 100-200 fow, with inconsistent steelhead on top and decent laker fishing down below. I suspect the brown fishing is still good but I don’t think anyone is targeting them. Will be out this weekend and report more then. 

May 16- fishing remains quite good, if you can get out with the wind and high water.  Browns are being caught near shore, and kings and steelies are spread out off shore.  Also, please note that  on Thursday May 18th 1:00 they will be releasing 20,000 rainbows, and Monday May 22nd 1:00 they will be releasing 9000 brown trout.  They can always use some help at the pier with this.

May 7, 2016- Fishing is good in Sodus, for browns near shore and lakers off shore, with some steelies and coho mixed in at times.  I expect the offshore bite to improve in the next few weeks.  However, the bay conditions are NOT good, at all… Most docks  are under water, all launches are unusable, and there is nowhere on the water to get gas.   The entire bay remains idle speed no wake.  It almost feels irresponsible to be on the bay at all, as I would hate to contribute to the erosion issues in any way.  We pulled our boat, and I am going to olcott for a few weeks (niagara pro am, etc). 

Check out this video from last weekend.  Great brown bite with spoons off boards.

Spring 2017 Fishing Report

Spring 2017 Fishing Report

May 6

Solid brown bite. They wanted spoons with 2 split shot out a bit deeper. Nice class of fish too. Our boat released as many as we kept. Pulled the boat today- Sodus docks in a precarious place….

May 3- the weather has been terrible.  High water and high winds are the issue.  Most of the launches are not usable, and the bay is still in a “state of emergency”.  Remember if you do get out that the entire bay is “idle speed no wake”.  I expect that the fishing is very good if you can get out. 

On a happier note, Greg Switzer tells me that the next stocking is going to happen may 9th.  They are looking for help, if anyone is interested.

April 29-

Brown fishing in close is slow ( we did one in about an hour) but offshore bite is decent.  A nice mix of cohos and steelhead on top to about 50 down, with lakers easy to get on the bottom.  Small spoons and flasher/atommik’s did decent damage for us.

Apparently Browns will be stocked Monday from the pier, and they might need help.  Contact Greg Switzer if interested!

April 23, 2017

The near shore fishery has been spotty.  One day, guys are doing well, the next it stinks.  Browns and coho dominate, if you find the green water.  My brother is out now and beating up lakers in 90 fow +.  Remember, the bay is no wake, idle speed only- that is for the ENTIRE bay!

April 19, 2017

The fishing for browns has been inconsistent, and though the lakers are there it hasn’t been fast and furious.  The big story is the water level… Sodus bay is now at “flood level”.  There is an emergency order in effect, restricting all boat travel to idle speed, with no wake.  It doesn’t look like this is going to be better until mid may at the earliest.  This new ijc plan 2014 is disasterous for the south shore!

April 14, 2017
Kind of a strange week.  Not a great week for fishing, despite good conditions.  Weather looks garbage for the weekend as well.  It has been a slow pick of browns near shore and a few lakers off shore.  Bullhead and perch are both being caught in the bay.

April 9, 2017:

An armada out today to the west… so I went east.  Fishing was slow, had a handful of Browns in the diiiiirty water (too dirty), then we beat up on lakers in 120 fow for some more action.  The Browns wanted natural stuff, despite the filthy water.  Try to be considerate in the skinny water, give guys space (especially the charters… this is their living).

April 5, 2017:

Good fishing still to be had, but the weather looks absolutely aweful till early next week now.  May be able to troll a few up in the bay, or chase after perch…

April 1, 2017:

Did our shakedown today. Good brown trout fishing from maxwell and west. Ended up about 15 for 20, a mix of cookie cutters with a few nice ones mixed in. They wanted jointed chartreuse rapalas and black/gold bay rats in the green water just outside of the midline. Late nite today- all fish caught between 8 and 10:30. Had 2 triples and 2 doubles.

No ice at all in the bay or lake, and relatively little debris, surprisingly…

I talked to Russ from honey hole charters who did pretty much the same!

A nice catch of early season brown trout

March 28- the bay is losing ice fast.  It is mostly open with a bit of ice in the center.  Hopefully this weekend it will be clear! Not Sodus, but I fished long pond yesterday and caught some perch.. a bit early yet, and no big spawners in, but that should happen soon.

March 25- gnarly NE blow today.  Sodus bay is still covered in ice, but it’s melting fast…  The lake shore has lost most of it’s ice, and pultneyville IS open.  The streams are all running high right now… trout in the streams is pretty much the only game in town.

March 2017- Spring is on hold for a bit. About a week ago, the bay was free of ice, and guys were getting out in small boats to catch some browns in the lake.  Perch and crappie were also being caught from shore and boats.  However, the snow pack and new ice make it impossible to boat fish currently.  The projected temps into the 40s this week and next should take care of that, and I hope that in 2 weeks we will be splashing the big boat.  Every year, we shoot for a april 1st splash, but only if the projected forecast doesn’t have any temps below 30… Time will tell.