Winter 2017 Jan-Feb

Winter 2017

Winter can be a painful time for those who troll the big lake.  However, it doesn’t have to be!  I use my free time in the winter to prepare myself for the coming spring season (and all of the madness that goes along with it).  My tasks include re-spooling my reels, adding fresh fluorocarbon leaders, organizing and thinning my tackle, and working on the boat.  If you are doing it right, the work never ends!

The most important “yearly” task we do on our boat is re-spooling with fresh line.  Putting new line on yearly is a cheap and easy insurance policy against unnecessary break offs.  The elements, specifically UV light, wears your line down during the year, especially if you store your reels out in elements.  Also, constant wear from clipping into releases and from fighting fish makes the line brittle.  I really like berkely big game as a main line, though everyone has their preference.
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