Summer 2021- Kings, Steelhead, Browns and Bass


august 14- fishing has picked up a bit.  There are kings both near shore and offshore, depending on the day.  Chris and victor, from hell yeah charter, boated this 31 lb beauty today!

august 10- the bite has been up and down, for the most part.  Some days guys get the kings right where they should be, 100-200 fow, and some days they just don’t cooperate.  There has been a decent offshore bite for kings/steel.  Spoons and dodger/fly are getting most of the bites.

July 19, 2021- The fishing has actually been quite good. Guys were catching nice kings offshore all last week, including for the Sodus Pro Am. A pack of 64 boats chased the trout and salmon, and most of them found kings. There were some very nice boxes out there, and kings up to 29 pounds weighed in almost every day. There are fish scattered from 100 feet of water all the way out past 300. The bite has been mostly on spoons and cut bait.  Also, a few Browns are starting to show up, and can be had when the conditions are right. Haven’t heard much about lake trout, but why catch those when there’s other stuff around?

July 5, 2021- After a slow start to the summer season, things are finally heating up on the lake.  There has been a good salmon and steelhead bite in the near and offshore areas.  Fishing has been good from 100 FOW all the way out to 500+, depending on the day.  The fish are taking the typical offerings of spoons, dodger/fly, and meat rigs.  There are a few browns around in 100 FOW or less, but they’re cagy and a lot less numerous than years past.  The ones you get are dandies, and tend to be at least a dozen miles from port.

In the bay, bass fishing has been good along weed-lines, but I expect them to inhabit their mid summer haunts in deeper water soon.  Panfish are more than willing to play, as well.

Winter 2020

March 8 2020

The weather is warming up and the ice is just about gone.  I expect the bite for bullhead, crappie and perch will fire up  very soon.  The bay near the channel is free of ice and the lake is accessible if you want to get out on the shoreline for trout.  Remember, the water is COLD and you are required to wear a life jacket on small boats into April. Things are about to get busy, so now is the time to start gearing up!

Feb 28 2020
When there has been good ice (and that’s a big when) the fishing has been good for perch and pike. There is really only good ice in the south and East of the bay, and as of last weekend a big open area north near the channel. Check out the bay bridge for daily updates on conditions. I don’t expect this to get a lot better so be careful!! Also, when you do go, act like a human and park is designated areas, and respect people’s property.

A few guys, when the weather permits, have been getting out in small boats on the lake, and when they do they’re being rewarded with lots of browns! Stick near shore in muddy water with stick baits and small spoons in bright colors to get them to bite! Check out this video for more tips on how to fish planer boards or this one for specific brown trout tips

Spring 2019

May 5- shoreline fishing is a bit hit or miss- great one day, slow the next. We fished yesterday and had 7 bites, but only landed 2 of them (the bite was very light). There are sporadic kings around, from shore out to 100 fow (suspended). Fortunately, there are plenty of lakers around. They are reliable, and big (average fish is probably 7-10 lbs). We put a decent hurting on them midday Saturday. They were mostly 70-90 fow, but can be out to 130 on any given day. Perch are still around, but will be making their way out to the lake soon.

April 28- the bite is still good on browns near shore. We fished today and it was frankly too muddy- though we did get our fish after some experimenting. Kings have been a big part of the catch the last week, but they weren’t for us today. Guys to the east did them today, but guys did them west a few days ago. The bite had been inside of 25 fow. Still lakers to be had outside of 75 fow as well.

April 18- Still excellent fishing near shore for browns, with a few coho and kings mixed in. Stickbaits are best. Also, plenty of Lakers in 100+ fow to be found. In the bay, good pan fishing and bull heading being done!

April 12- we did very well on browns in 8-15 fow to the west today, before the wind blew. A nicer class of fish today all wanted bayrats off the boards. We kept about half of what we caught

April 7- the ice is gone and the fish are chewing. Excellent nearshore fishing for browns, and offshore fishing for lakers. In the bay, there is food fishing for perch near the points, as well as bullhead nearshore and crappie on the south end near the bridge!

Our shakedown wEnt very well, with many fish released!